Balance to pay for Luxury Edition

Balance to pay for Luxury Edition


Because the cloth-bound was for sale before the leather-bound, some people want to upgrade. This link is for those who have already paid for a cloth-bound; and want to pay the difference to replace cloth with leather. (Please use the same email for this as you did for the cloth-bound, so that we can find the earlier payment.)

However, we advise getting both. The leather-bound is a valuable artefact. The cloth-bound can be a working reference book. Do you really want the leather-bound sitting between decanters at a tasting, or being lugged around town to an auction? We advise buying both: one working reference; one artefact.


If you have purchased one copy of Port Vintages and instead would like to have the Special Luxury Edition, guilt-edged, Leather-bound copy, please pay your balance here, shipping to where you desire.

Julian will inscribe your Luxury Edition copy personally with your requested names/words as instructed. Please indicate on the order form exactly as you would like him to inscribe in your book.